Professional protection provides security for your supplies

In order to retain a stable power supply and to keep you from having to worry about your cables our Beku team strives towards providing the world-wide greatest possible protection for your cables.

Our latest Beku-product is the virtually indestructible heavy duty cable cover. Its carrying capacity is equivalent to a concrete slab according to BS 7484. Protect your valuable line systems from diggers, pick-axes, spades and stones with this cost-efficient alternative to concrete slabs. Moreover, the heavy duty cable cover serves as a means of identification and signalling for your cables.

Following the heavy duty cable cover, our Beku-impact resistant cable covers are the next category of effective protection products. In order to protect your lines from mechanical damage, the Beku-cable cover design is strong enough even to endure impacts such as those mentioned above. The Beku-cable protection film also provides protection from mechanical impacts.

The Beku-cable duct warning tape and the Beku-location tape are used to identify your lines. Moreover, the cable duct warning tape can be labelled individually.

Overview of our protection systems